Innovation at its finest

More than ideas, taking actions

After several years of developing technologies and solutions for global giants, Corruven and Regenord founders, inventors and executive partners were overcome with a need to go beyond the current state of practices, including our own.

We felt the need to become the change we want to see happen, to be the revolution the world needs, to be the sleep revolution. Today, many online markets are offering products on separate platforms to create the bedroom of your dreams.


We, at BedBreeZzz have partnered with the best brands within the industry to offer you a platform where you can customize and fully buy your own high-performance bedroom solution.

Our team

Shedlyne Bélanger

"I believe in producing experiences that will bring out people’s best version of themselves."

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Jeff Raymond

"I believe in bringing to life solutions that will change the world."

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Scott Philippe

"I believe in conceiving ground-breaking solutions to create a better sustainable world."

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Denis Duguay

"I believe in using technology to change the game of finances, building newly improved processes for the business."

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Annick Lizotte

"I believe in giving clients a unique experience tailored to their needs to build true partnership."

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Confiance Mfuka

" I believe in finding the new process, developing new technologies that will support green products."

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Aaditya Shah

" I beleive in connecting pieces of the puzzle together to create full fledge technological solutions."

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Alain Bélanger

"I believe in going beyond possibilities to create uncommon technologies that answers peoples desires."

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Inuk Simard

"I believe in directing new practices to build a greener and more sustainable world."

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