Indoor Air Monitoring at the next level

Let's repair our air quality today, so we can provide a healthy environment tomorrow give back to our children a healthy and natural air quality

Did you know ? Indoor air pollution can
1)damage children's cognitive abilities
2) Contribute to depression in adults

The Laser Egg+ Chemical gives you accurate and complete data to truly take control of the air in your home. Your smart air quality monitor that tracks PM2.5 (fine dust), VOCs (chemicals), temperature, and humidity.
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Why should you care about the Laser Eggs?

Watch why this air monitor is important

Did you know ? Air pollution is responsible for one out of every six deaths in the world.

Say goodbye to afternoon drowsiness and hello to fresh air! Get the perfect balance in your air with the Laser Egg+ CO2.

Indoor air quality case study

Bedroom with two occupants and closed door. The room had 168 square feet and 9 feet of ceiling

The results: CO2 levels rose from 500 to 2500 ppm over an 8-hour period.

Now imagine how the indoor air pollution impacts an 8 hour long class.

The Laser Egg is the world’s most popular air quality monitor providing fast, reliable and highly accurate detection of air pollution.
Did you know ? Air pollution kills 3 times more than AIDS and 6 times more than wars.

How does bad indoor air quality manifest ?

Did you know bad air quality results in:
Lower energy levels ?
Difficulty concentrating & Focusing ?
Neuropsychological effects?

A high concentration of CO2 in the air can lead to:

  • Above 500 ppm: Eye irritation, sore and dry throat, nasal congestion or runny nose, sneezing, etc.
  • Above 800 ppm: Headache and fatigue
  • Above 1000 ppm: Cough and rhinitis, difficulty concentrating, decreased performance.
  • Word of our founder

    It goes without saying that we must protect our biodiversity and ensure that we recreate this environment inside our buildings.

    It is therefore essential that we understand what is happening inside our buildings and invest our time and money in the right place.

    It is also important to better understand the consequences of our actions in order to better evaluate the best solutions.

    It goes without saying that today, information will quickly become the key to technological advancements.

    Alain Belanger

    CEO & CO-FOUNDER of BedBreeZzz

    Laser Egg Air Quality Monitoring Devices

    With a buildup of CO2, allergens, and various chemicals that are commonly found in the air we breathe, poor air quality can be more damaging to our bodies than smoking.

    With our Laser Egg air-quality monitoring devices, you’ll know the right measures to take for your health before it becomes an imperative matter. The advanced technology within these devices allows you to be proactive about the condition of the air quality within your home.

    Choose from either Laser Egg air-quality monitoring device to improve the quality of air you breathe.

    The Laser Egg+ Chemical collects data and detects the air for fine dust as well as other harmful chemicals like TVOCs, formaldehydes, toluene, and benzene.

    The Laser Egg+ CO2 monitors air pollutants that contribute to chronic irritations such as drowsiness, headaches, and congestion.