Beyond the pandemic: air quality solutions for the future brought by My Breezzz and Airthings in Quebec, Canada

Beyond the pandemic: air quality solutions for the future  brought by My Breezzz and Airthings in Quebec, Canada
Air quality matters

The world has changed and companies must adapt, with indoor air quality as the main culprit for virus transmission, life, as we have known, will never be the same again.

A virus that is now at the end of its life with indoor air quality gaining tremendous importance.

As the proud partner of Airthings, My Breezzz is honoured to announce that the Quebec government has awarded Airthings, a company in Oslo, Norway, a 10-year contract to supply air quality monitoring solutions in schools.

We believe that everyone has the right to a healthy and safe environment.

We will support our partner by offering schools of Quebec our indoor air sanitation and monitoring solution as a complement to Airthings.

In all, these solutions will allow students and teachers to view the air quality of their classroom, while it also enables school districts and facility managers to remotely monitor and optimize the air quality in all their schools. Each classroom will also benefit from a team that will provide surface sanitation, daily reports, training to their cleaning staff and become Breezzz-X certified.

Why should you care about your Breezzz?
The human body needs 11,000 litres of air every day.
Per this need, the importance to be surrounded by an air quality-conscious environment is genuine.
We believe that in the near future people will check the air quality before:
  • Buying a house / renting an apartment
  • Accepting a job
  • Booking a hotel
  • Going to the restaurant
  • Committing to a new daycare
It will be everywhere, that’s why we are here.

About My Breezzz
My Breezz is the best at providing sanitization and air monitoring solutions that provide a healthier environment for its users.

That’s because we guarantee indoor environments free of VOCs, bacteria and viruses for the occupants of the said environment. We certify the businesses that use our solutions; it helps the general population recognize the safest environments.

Headquartered in Edmunston, New Brunswick with offices in both USA, Europe and Canada, we have around 200 employees worldwide. For more information visit our website at

Meet us
We are attending IBS 2022, the biggest construction event in North America.
Two of our affiliate companies and ourselves will be present, come see us at booth #W4049.

For investor-related questions, please contact
Alain Bélanger, CEO & Co-founder
T: +1 506-284-0005

Press contact:
Scott Philippe, Co-founder
T: +1 506-717-8272

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