How the Laser Egg Will Ensure Your Kids Are Breathing Healthy Air at Home

How the Laser Egg Will Ensure Your Kids Are Breathing Healthy Air at Home

Answering Common Questions About the Laser Egg

The World Health Organization says asthma is the most chronic disease among children. When your child struggles to take a breath, we know you would do anything to take away their discomfort. Helping your asthmatic child live a normal life starts with managing their symptoms and proactively preventing them.

There are several asthma triggers that you can help minimize. It starts where your child likely spends the most time: in your home. Houses are full of allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and other pollutants. The Environmental Protection Agency says the air in our homes and workplaces can be worse than the air in large industrialized cities. Investing in a home air quality monitor will help you understand, track, and improve the air. With the Laser Egg, you can create the cleanest air possible in your house.  

Why do I need an air quality monitor in my house?

The Laser Egg will give you the knowledge to make changes to create a healthier environment for your child’s sensitive airways. The Laser Egg and the Laser Egg+ Chemical monitor the air in your home in real time. You will know instantly if the air quality turns from good to unhealthy.

For example, a family living near a California wildfire would benefit from knowing how the fire is impacting their air. Arming yourself with this information gives you the opportunity to make changes to your indoor environment to improve air quality.

A stand-alone air purifier and your furnace air filter do not replace the need for an air quality monitor. The EPA is very clear on this fact: an air filter cannot remove all the air pollutants in your home. It also can’t tell you what’s filtering or not filtering through it. Air filters commonly only filter either gases or particles. Look for filters that catch both. When an air filter gets clogged, it sensors to kick on filtration cannot read correctly. Some air filters should be changed every 20 to 45 days. The longevity of your air filter depends on many factors, including:

  • Number of people in a home
  • Number of residents suffering from asthma and allergies
  • Number of pets living in a home
The Laser Egg’s technology helps take your air filtration goals to the next level. It can accurately tell you the levels of potentially health hazardous pollutants throughout your home. It can also work with your home appliances, like an air purifier, so it knows how often to run.  

What information can the air quality monitor tell me about my child’s asthma triggers?

The Laser Egg will alert you to take action when the air in your home is unhealthy for your asthma sufferer. The Laser Egg+ Chemical monitors two aspects of the air: particulate matter and total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs).

Particulate matter (PM) is also known as particle pollution. PM is a mixture of solid particles and liquid drops in the air. This can include anything as small as a speck of dust, to a grain of sand, or smoke. The Laser Egg measures the most dangerous size of PM in your home, which happens to be the tiniest. PM smaller than 2.5 micrometers can lodge deep inside your child’s lungs. The EPA says this size of particle pollution is 30 times smaller than the diameter of a strand of your hair.

The Laser Egg+ Chemical also monitors TVOCs. TVOCs are emitted from cleaning products, paint, cosmetics, and they can even be emitted when cooking. The concentration of harmful TVOCs can be up to ten times higher in your home.  

If my home’s air quality is unhealthy, how do I change it?

The Laser Egg is the first home air quality monitor compatible with Apple HomeKit technology and IFTTT. The Laser Egg can seamlessly connect with your home’s smart appliances.

If the air quality sinks to an unhealthy level, your Laser Egg can be set to engage your air purifier automatically. If the air becomes too dry, your Laser Egg can turn on the humidifier. You can also set it up to control fans, window blinds, and smart plugs.

You can use the information the Laser Egg provides to remove household pollutants. You may see a correlation between unhealthy air readings every time you use certain cleaners or sprays. The Laser Egg arms you with the information you need to make healthy changes to ease your child’s asthma symptoms.  

How do I get information from my Laser Egg?

The Laser Egg is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It connects to an app that tracks and stores the air quality history in your home. You can also check the levels in real time in your child’s bedroom, playroom, or kitchen. The Laser Egg app allows you to control the air quality monitor from anywhere whether you are at your child’s baseball game, at work, or running errands. The app also gives you access to air quality levels in more than 50 different countries.
“Being able to check the air in my kid’s room at a glance has given me such peace of mindgreat app!” - Thomas Johnson, France'

How do I know the readings are accurate?

We’ve carefully tested all devices to ensure that readings fall within +/- 10% of the readings from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. The Laser Egg uses laser-based light scattering to individually count particles in the air as they enter the device. This allows for extremely fast measurements, with high accuracy readings calculated every 0.1 seconds.  

Can the Laser Egg do anything else?

Yes! The Laser Egg can also monitor the temperature in your home and the weather outside your door. It’s a nice compliment to your morning routine as you prepare the kids for school and get ready for work.  


What if I’m traveling with my asthmatic child?

You can take the Laser Egg on the go with you. All you need is a WiFi connection to get a real-time reading in your car or hotel room. The Kaiterra app comes in handy when you want to check the air quality index in dozens of potential destinations for you and your family.


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