Laser Egg + CO2

Track smog and other dangerous chemicals in one go.

Why should you care about the Laser egg ?


Laser Egg+ Chemical

Dangerous chemicals can’t hide with the Laser Egg+ Chemical! Track smog and harmful chemicals in one go. The Laser Egg+ Chemical gives you accurate and complete data to truly take control of the air in your home....

Why does air quality matter ?

A lesson in history

For decades pollutions was a matter for discussion, and this year it seems that air pollution & quality is making the headlines.

Why is that ? Air quality is the number one killer around the world!

How does bad air quality manifest ?

- Headaches
- Lower energy levels
- Fatigue
- Difficulty to concentrate
- Drownsiness
- Neuropsychological effects

That is why you need to have Laser eggs to monitor your air quality and take the best measure to gain a better air quality.